Grand Theft RI

38 Studios collapsed a lot faster than RI officials ever thought it could. It was just a day or so ago that the issue of film credits being given to the company was under discussion (which, we found out, 38 Studios was not eligible for because they did not incorporate in RI). Now, without a functioning company, there’s no way any money is going to be retrieved. Kurt Schilling and his team spent it all - $42 million worth of our dollars. We are facing a payback of $102 million.

RI has once again been done in by its politicians! Shame and scorn on them! This is a calamity for the state, coming at the worst possible time imaginable. The scandal here is not what 38 Studios did with the money, but rather how and why this deal went through in the first place.

Let’s get all the facts out on this stinker. Are you as angry as I am about this?