A New Day for RI

Thursday, November 17, 2011 was a historic day for RI. Democratic legislators stood together, guided by a courageous leadership team, and pushed through sweeping pension reform legislation that was absolutely needed to preserve the system for future retirees. Fears that last-minute amendments and back room deals would delay action and perhaps scuttle the Raimondo-Chafee reform package proved unfounded. Even legislators with strong ties to labor voted to approve the bill. It’s such a positive step - those of us who pushed to see this day happen woke up this morning wondering if it was just a dream from last night.

Yes, there will be a legal challenge but the state has a very strong case to make in court and should prevail.

It’s morning in RI – the start of a new era.

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  1. I wouldn't be to sure about a legal challenge as such will be heard by a judge who has some skin to lose in this game.

    If the state prevails, that's great but it is only a start to fixing the rest of the state's ills. The next step should be passage of a Right-To-Work statute that puts real limitation to the influence of the labor unions.

    Next is to streamline government in general to reduce the tax burden on all taxpayers. Doing so could pave the way to getting rid of the job killing annual car tax.

    RI has a very long way to go...


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