Don't Declare Victory Yet

Let’s not declare victory on pension reform just yet. While the slightly modified plan that passed both finance committees last week might seem a sure thing to become law due to the fact that the House and Senate leadership have backed it, attempts to further change it, or even to scuttle it, are likely to emerge this week in the form of more amendments and other parliamentary maneuvers. A floor vote by this Thursday may also be delayed. Let’s not forget that there’s a lot of special interest support among legislators and they are going to be pressured to go to bat to defeat reform. Opposition leaders haven’t given up. They’ve mobilized their members and a strong pushback effort is sure to follow.

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  1. Y'awl hafta excuse me but I simply have little or no confidence in this issue being addressed head-on. I base this observation on years of being a RI resident to the point, "I've heard it all before and once again, nothing will change."

    The unions and other special interests run the state and that "run" is now, "...into the ground."

    Because of this, I took the coward's way out and exited the state back in 1990... Y'know, just before the bank/credit union issue hit the fan.

    The little gem that was once RI is now not much more than a tarnished piece of quartz...


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