Chafee Tax Plan a Disaster

Well, the verdict is in: Governor Chafee’s sales tax increase plan has been judged a misguided missile that will wreak destruction on the citizens of this state. Everyone’s against it, from salon owners to people who wear glasses! It’s DOA with the larger business community, as word spreads about its intent to tax capital expenditures on things like new production and R&D equipment as well as metals used in manufacturing. It’s also maddening that despite its sweeping scope, Chafee’s tax plan is nonetheless selective, sparing certain economic sectors and influential stakeholders like lawyers’ fees and legal and accounting services. Ed Achorn calls it an “impending disaster in this week’s column. Read on:

Edward Achorn: Disaster looms for Rhode Island businesses


  1. Chafee Sucks Wait a minute They all suck and that is being nice Politricks There are crackheads in this state that could do a better job I lived in this state my whole life If the market gets any better soon That is before I am broke I am selling my house of 56 years and getting the hell out Rhode Island really is the ass under Massachusetts tail

  2. Just like ObamaCare, this thing is riddled with special interest exemptions. People are sick and tired of being treated as Second Class citizens. You're right: anyone who votes for this tax package is doomed on election day.

  3. the huge problem is state workers retiring at age 45-50 and collecting pensions for 30 or 40 years with holiday pay and insurance. Then the get a new job in industries placing bids for state work and getting paid twice their pensions they shouldn't be able to collect pensions while they are currently working a full time job. thats a form of double dipping....


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