Only in Rhode Island are the people treated with such disrespect by those we elect!!! Read this op-ed by Ed Achorn.
The saddest part of all this is that we have a Governor whose 36% Union victory would in any normal election be a landslide loss. A Governor who appears not to have a clue, and is so off base with reality he likely dose not stand a chance of true greatness or success. It is just plain the wrong time to have a Governor who is so beholden to the very special interests that will prevent him from doing the right things for Rhode Island. And to cut off talk radio?? Too bad.


  1. Only in Rhode Island are workers treated with such disrespect that having an EQUAL say with their boss is greeting with such vitriol and scorn. Equal, not unbalanced...equal. JHW, Shame on you. A 6-6 vote on a committee reviewing health care options for 20,000 health care workers and that is evidence the committee is BEHOLDEN to special interest?

    No wonder why union members don't trust corporation like yours.

  2. Governor loon is almost a direct reflection of the President who also doesn't seem to have a clue as to how to address the deficit crisis and yet he eschews streamlined union organizing along with beholding the liberal entitlements that have this nation on the verge of bankruptcy.

    Ya just gotta luv 'em!

  3. Anonymous poster's comment is a perfect example of what appears to be the pedestal union workers believe that they walk on and what is wrong with this state given the power of the unions. 6-6 kinda sounds like all chiefs, no indians - the very problem with what is called the State Retirement Board. Is there any true outsider???

    How any business or organization can function with subordinates having an EQUAL say with boss is absolutely beyond me.

    BEHOLDEN to special interests? Show me and others who receive this blog anyone in Senate or House who's contributions from organized labor were EQUAL, yes equal or less than that of the public's contribution to that candidate.

    Fact is nearly 100% of Democratic Pols in this State are indeed BEHOLDEN to the unions.

    JHW, you da Man!

    Jeff Brown


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