Follow up

This op-ed by Ed Achorn is right on. It points out what I was referencing in my post yesterday, regarding the need to see some form of forward movement in the states' financial picture.
It goes further, though, by pointing out the fact that we are seeing the early signs of a leaderless state under the new Governor. Action by any leader driven by any special interest is dangerous indeed. It will be interesting to see what happens with the public education situation, and what support the Governor gives Deborah Gist.
Today's Projo article about the Governor's stance on talk radio is really concerning. Whether you liked him or not, at the very least you could hear the last Governor on his positions because he used the talk shows to communicate with us. I don't think this Governor has any communication skills at all, and that is why he has taken this action.
It's shaping up to be a long, lost four years!!!!


  1. John - You are quite right to suggest that a chief executive's communication skills are important in situations like the one we're in - we need a governor who speaks directly to us in honest, non-politicl terms. Chafee has made a mistake in dismissing local talk radio because he doesn't like it's tone. A silled politican would strategize how he could use the medium to his advantage. As Marshall McLuan, the great mass communication visionary noted, the medium is THE message.

  2. John,

    I have read your blogs, and I actually worked for you many years ago! I like what you have to say, why not take the leap? You are a superb businessman, and have a pulse on what our state needs!


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