Today's editorial by Ed Achorn is really interesting, and a bit scary. Read it carefully.

I'm curious as to when this state is going to wake up. The self serving special interests have absolutely destroyed Rhode Island, and now, instead of acknowledging the unsustainability of the current direction, just want to perpetuate the disaster. So, the unions go off and defeat some of the well intended people, just to put in a bunch of flunkies, and we the public put up with it. Amazing!!!
The November elections will be interesting, and will be a pivotal point for some individal decision making for many. If there is not some movement to balance the power in the Legislature, in the most anti incumbant environment in history, then Rhode Islanders will have spoken clearly about their lack of interest in seeing the State improved. There will more than likely be some who decide to get out. We'll see!
But, in the end, let's not forget that it is a great State.