Open Letter in response to Mr Pat Crowley

Mr. Crowley,(and all readers,)
This is a public Blog. I created it so that people would have a forum to debate issues of interest to whatever extent desired. Please understand that the thoughts and opinions posted are mine, unless I drop in a newspaper article or some such thing. The chance to debate and express differing views is right here in the Blog. I will not debate issues privately on the phone, as you have requested. That is the reason for the Blog. It is always my intention to be open, honest and fair. You will find, if you ask George Nee, that I am very open to feedback, and have no issue with being challenged or criticized. So, if I have in your opinion misrepresented something, let me know. Here. In the Blog.
I apologize for the delay in posting the two messages you sent along. I am not, as you seem to suggest, trying to hide from anything. I will post all constructive input. I will not, as I have said before, post insignificant, unproductive, cowardly personal attacks, which I do get, as I don't think they provide any value to anyone.
Regarding people of means and wealth doing things like this Blog, I wish more would. My thoughts and opinions are rarely, if ever, personal. I don't believe in that, though sometimes I will name people. But I, like so many people, love living in Rhode Island. Most of us want what is right for the state. At this juncture, Mr. Crowly, there is a great deal of concern as to whether those we have elected to oversee our well being are doing so. So it is high time there were some questions asked and some push-back given to the people in the state house,(and the special interests that are so pervasive there.) There should NEVER be any doubt as to who the legislators and state and public employees work for. It is us, the taxpayers, and we have the absolute right to question whatever we want and to demand accountability for what has happened to this great State. It should be the responsibility of the public to ask questions of our leadership. Good leaders want that.
If this is something you disagree with, let us all know, right here on the Lookout Blog.
In the meantime, I do truly thank you for taking the time to participate. I know your intentions are good and constructive, and your ongoing debate and participation can only help to make this Blog a better place.
Thanks, John White