I have found that the most successful things Lookout has done have been focused. An example was our outreach to the community on the Casino issue. While Lookout took no position on gambling itself, we did continue to push forward the point that the "Deal" being promoted by Harrah's and the Indians was somehow not good. In fact, there was never clarity on the "Deal." But Lookout had a successful role in defeating the proposal in the ballot box because we were focused.
This is the direction in which I wish to take us forward again. There are so many things to talk about here in R.I. every day, but the vision of what should be thought about and discussed can become clouded very easily. My intention is to look for things that really matter to the taxpayers, and work them through. If that attempt is to no avail, so be it.
I will also say that what I publish here is largely my opinion, unless I inject a newspaper column. If there are arguments, post them. I will NOT respond to the requests for phone debates, etc. I get these periodically, and my only response is that you can debate me here.
Totally unproductive, personal attacks on me by some cowardly people simply won't be published.
I love this state, and hope to be here for the rest of my life. I, like so many of us, only want what is right for the state. Help me generate some discussion. This can not be done alone by any one person. It takes all of us.
Join in!!!
John White