What's on Your Mind?

Lookout wants to hear your biggest concerns regarding the state of the state and what you'd like this blog to be focusing on. Is it the budget and state finances, the upcoming election, the rise of the Tea Party and other independents, alternative energy, Twin River's future, the power of special interests, the one-party lever?

As usual, there's no lack of topics. Let me know what's on your mind, and what conversations via this blog site you'd like to see happening in the weeks and months ahead.

Loss of Nerve on Smith Hill

The RI House and Senate are presently at loggerheads over how to close the $200 million operating deficit. The House wants to refinance the state's unfunded pension liability and the Senate instead wants to raid the state's rainy day fund. Both of these options are bad and will have negative repercussions. At the same time Democrat legislative leaders have demonstrated once again that when it comes to making structural changes to the things RI spends too much on - like personnel costs - it's hand-off due to union threats. How will we ever get a handle on these budget deficits with this kind of thinking?