Why Not a Master Form for Business Filings?

It's really absurd and a demonstration of RI red tape that a business entity operating here cannot simply file a single 'master' application to take care of required regulatory and operating filings, licenses, etc. Instead, state agencies require a multitude of forms (many with fees) to be filed. This is just another example of how RI is not a business-friendly state.

Business licensing should go through the secretary of state's office, and one form should do it. Why a consolidated and a streamlined master form has not been adopted before now is a mystery.

There's a commission looking into small business issues and reform of this operating hurdle should be at the top of its list. Kudos to State Senator Leo Raptakis for proposing a 'Master Business Application." No one who attended an open public forum I hosted back in 2002 for the gubernatorial candidates will forget Leo brandishing a stack of state filing forms that he had taped together and let fall to the floor like an open accordian. That was eight years ago and nothing has changed.