Providence Mayor Takes Taxpayers for a Ride

Check out Jim Hummel's report today on the security detail and costs incurred by Providence Mayor David Cicilline. Cicilline's four-officer security detail costs Providence taxpayers half a million dollars a year - more than it costs to provide security for Governor Carcieri!

Last week Cicilline defended the costs, which involve regular and overtime costs, as "routine" for a city Providence's size, but the Hummel Report today shows that's not true. Mayors and city managers in nearby Mass and CT drive themselves around - as does Warwick's Mayor Scott Avedisian.

Providence taxpayers alert: the Mayor is taking you for a ride.

State-Feds Should control the Future of Central Falls HS - They Run the Place

Amidst all the uproar and back and forth over the Central Falls HS situation, one thing needs to be remembered: this is a school that stays open because of federal and state monies. So its future would seem to be in the hands of the state, backed now by the feds, as the two parties that fund the operation there. They mean to change the game-plan in this school that obviously fails - for a lot of reasons - the majority of its students.

It also appears that the teachers' union in Central Falls now has gotten the message, as they want to return to the bargaining table: cooperate or find another job.