Healthcare Costs Going Up Again

Amidst all the controversy and politics over health care reform, one thing is certain: for those with health coverage the cost just keeps going up. Witness the request by all three RI insurers for rate hikes. Yes, the new requests are a bit lower than what they had originally asked for but even the lower rate hikes are 3x times the inflation rate.

Most Americans with health insurance are on record stating that they're pleased with the coverage they have. (I would add a caveat to that: in a lot of cases those folks haven't had to intensively use their coverage; if they've had to, they may not be that happy because that's the only way any of us gets to experience the breadth and depth of our coverage or the lack therof.) What Americans cannot be happy with, and as an employer providing coverage I am not happy with, is the constant increase in rates and hence premiums.

The current system really is unsustainable.