Exit Gary Sasse

Gary Sasse's exit from the Carcieri Administration indicates that the Governor's agenda for reform is at a virtual dead-end, and that for a guy like Sasse staying on any longer in a lame duck administration wouldn't accomplish that much more. Sasse more than did his job as chairman of the tax reform task force and as the Governor's director of administration during a particularly tough time. Obviously, he ended up frustrated by the glacial pace of RI government and the limits of any RI governor's power.

The tax reforms his task force called for are in the hands of a General Assembly that probably will not do much of anything with them, although we still hope otherwise for the longterm good of the state. The immense finacial problems the state faces would demoralize even a dedicated super-wonk like Gary Sasse. Nonetheless, Sasse's time in state government was of great benefit, and he is to be thanked for his service. We look forward to seeing where Gary ends up next, and hope that he stays here in RI. We need reform-minded bean counters and policy advocates like him now more than ever.