Read the attached article. I am by no means anti union, and I am fully aware of the truly important role Unions have had in the development of industry in our country. However, as I read this article, I am struck by the negative attitude directed towards such an important element in our country...the companies that create jobs. There is no question that Union involvement in anything will increase costs. And I think there is little doubt about the fact that Union leaders know that by taking the fairness away from the Union election process through the grossly misrepresented and ridiculously named Employee Free Choice Act, they make it increasingly easy to line their own pockets on the backs of the hard working people of this country.
It just seems to me that these people could provide a valuable service if they tried to do what they originally set out to do...protect people who ware being endangered or exploited. Wouldn't that be positive?
Your thoughts?


  1. Stop the pretense. You're a union buster and everyone knows it.

    It is Labor the creates wealth and captial that exploits it. I know from the gilded saftey of your corner office there is nothing you have to worry about except the threats you make to move your business out of state if you don't get your way on this or that tax bill, but it is the workers of Rhode Island that have made your family wealthy, not the other way around.

    Are you a member of the Chamber of Commerce or some other business association? Did you get your workers permission to join the group before you did? Well, why should the workers need your permission before they join a union? That is all EFCA does...it takes away the bosses veto over the process.

    The "poor me, look how oppressed I am" millionaire in distress act is getting old John. It may work in the board room with the crony class but in the real world it is hollow, shallow and vapid.

    Patrick Crowley

  2. another day goes without my orginal comment getting posted. How long can you keep this up?

    Patrick Crowley

  3. What the fuck do you know about workers rights? Have you ever lived from paycheck to paycheck with limited or no health insurance? No. Your old man handed you everything, job, big salary and ultimately a huge inheritance. You are nothing more than a spoiled, fat rich-boy who never had to take a risk or earn a dollar to support yourself. Yet you're out their promoting a world view that you never actually had to live. why don't you try spending a year without the old man paying your way. I bet you wouldn't last a week. You are a joke.


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