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Lookout wants to know your concerns so we can better reflect what's really important to Rhode Islanders. Drop me a line or two about what your biggest issues-concerns are. That way this blog can focus more on the issues that you want to discuss. Send me your thoughts today !!!


  1. My biggest concern is that people of means and wealth are allowed to purchase media like this, advertise it heavily, and then distribute misinformation about the salaries and benefits of working people.

    Mr. Hazen-White, my invitation to discuss the pension with you still stands. Please contact me at 401-463-9630. Your apporach to this issue is based on inaccurate information that I hope we can correct together.

  2. I think that you are doing a great job. Rhode Island needs to change in drastic ways if we don't want to rely on the feds. We need to make business the number one priority in the state. We also need a big flush in the state house

  3. Why didn't you put my comment up on the blog, Mr. Hazen-White? What are you hiding from?

  4. I'd love to know why the PROJO is not covering the fight in Esmond over putting in yet another retail shopping center so close to Smithfield Crossings. There have been signs up on Esmond street protesting it. If this development goes in, the neighborhood is going down the drain. there's already an unmanageable increase in traffic on 44 since the Crossings went in. No one in that neighborhood wants it. And the developer is trying to shove it down the throats of the town.

  5. I find it ironic that Representative Kilmartin is again introducing a bill in the General Assembly to make it a felony for state and local officials to "sell the public's trust." If he and his peers in the state legislature really wants to set an example for honest government, all they have to do is let the voters decide this November if our state constitution should be amended to close the Irons loophole.

    The Iron's loophole was created by a R.I. Supreme Court decision in 2009 that says state legislators are immune from Ethics Commission prosecution when they use their vote to violate our conflict of interest laws. As a result of this Supreme Court decision our 113 legislators can ignore the threat of Ethics Commission prosecution for violating the state code of ethics while all other state officials and state workers are still subject to the code.

    All the lawmakers have to do is approve either S2391 or H7357 legislation. Either of these bills will direct the Secretary of State to place language for an amendment (to close the Iron's loophole) on the 2010 Ballot. If the voters approve this ballot question, our state legislators will once again be subject to the state's code of ethics.

    We don't need any new laws, we only need our elected officials to obey the ones that they have already enacted!


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