Good News: Sasse Stays in RI Government

Gary Sasse has reemerged in a new advisory role and it's welcome news. Sasse has joined the Democrats in the General Assembly as a follow-up to his stint with Governor Carcieri: he will be advising Gordon Fox and other top Democratic legislative leaders going forward on tax issues and government reorgainzation. I don't care who Gary works for in government - having him at the table is what really counts, as he remains one of the most experienced and trusted policy wonks around. It's a smart move by Fox, and perhaps it forecasts that these guys are finally getting serious about tackling the state's enormous problems.

1 comment:

  1. I agree John. Mr. Sasse is a class act. He would be a great loss to Rhode Island. There are some people that just "get it" and he is one of the few.


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