Central Falls School Situation Shows Where Teacher Unions are Leading Us

The Central Falls school department situation, with teachers being fired en masse, is a sorry example of where public school education is going in this state under unionized teachers. Unionized teachers would sooner lose their jobs than accept a new reality - this one imposed on them by federal mandate. The firings and get-tough policy is a breath of fresh air blowing through the stifling industrial model union approach that has failed our kids, especially in the urban schools.

Several weeks ago, most of the teacher unions also turned their backs on the Race to the Top application, refusing to accept the conditions this educational improvement initiative will hopefully deliver to the state.

Education Commissioner Deborah Gist and Central Falls School Department Superintendent Fran Gallo deserve a round of applause from parents of public education students. Finally, we have administrators who are willing to take on the unions. For too long the teacher unions have frustrated educational reform in this state. It's refreshing to see the tide turning against them.

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  1. Lets hope this is a turning point in the future of teacher unions. The Central Falls case is getting national attention. The Secretary of Education, appointed by a president who received union support in his campaign, fully backs the superintendent's action, as well as that of the state education commissioner. Let's end this feeding at the public trough!


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