Will Unions Scuttle RI's Race to the Top Effort?

It's going to be interesting to see if the RI Dept. of Education and the teacher unions here in RI can reach agreement on the Race to the Top $100 million funding application. As of today, the two sides are still apart. Teacher unions don't like what Race to the Top is all about: greater emphasis on charter schools, alternative teacher training programs, and pay for performance for teachers - all of which would reduce the unions' influence and chokehold on public education.

There seems to be a bit of a disconnect in the fact that the Obama Administration, which relies on union support, would be emhasizing reforms that teacher unions, in general, oppose. Credit the Obama Dept. of Education for doing the right thing, despite the heartburn teacher unions will experience for it.

Should the negotiations fail and RI lose out, RI teacher unions will demonstrate big time that they care less about improving public education than in protecting their perks. This one could go either way.

Your thoughts...


  1. Please, this is RI after all, the corruptest,greediest state in the Union. The unions will sell us out as usual. When will we wake up and vote these jokers in their pockets out of office???? Please prove me wrong, I dare you!!!

  2. It is very sad indeed when a group such as teachers, protected by the might of a powerful union, still lay claim to the warcry of being overworked, selfless and "dedicated" to their goal of education, when in fact, their entitlement attitude has clearly become the central, and perhaps only, theme in their careers - ironically, if a parent wants the best education and optimum prospects of college for their child - where do they send them? (if they can afford it!) to PRIVATE school of course! Private school, where the teachers are not unionized, not paid even close to what the public school teachers are, and yet still turn out a superior product (student)! Taxpayers need to wake up and ruffle a few feathers - speak out!


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