Steve Laffey, We Hardly Knew Ya!

It appears that the former Cranston mayor and unsuccessful Senate Reublican primary candidate has had enough of politics for now, to the dismay of Republicans and others who feel he would be the best person in the governor's chair for the next four years. Alas, Steve Laffey is not biting.

Presumably Laffey remains of the opinion that the state political leadership is not ready to forge ahead, under his direction, to save our sinking ship of state. He's undoubtebly right about that, which makes his just announced decision to stay on the sidelines such a disappointment. We could really use him at this critical time.

Here's hoping he'll reconsider; there's still time left. What do you think?


  1. Steve Laffey should not run. He is abrasive, polarizing and can't compromise. Politics is all about compromise.

  2. But I would also argue that politics is about leadership... something that the state has been sorely lacking. Yet, I do agree that screaming at an overwhelming Democratic majority would not get us to a better place. Especially directed at a General Assembly that doesn't seem to realize that we have some severe structural problems.

  3. If you look back at Steve Laffey's relationships with the Cranston City Council, Democrat dominated, and with the city's public employee unions, the prospect for success with Laffey at the helm of state government is near zero. Therefore I agree with the above statements. Remember, too, that the governorship in this state is not a particularly powerful position and the Democrats are constantly trying to leach addiitonal powers away from the executive. Laffey probably knows that he would be isolated pretty soon in his first administration. Don Carcieri did his best to assert executive power, and he also took to the bully pulpit via the airwaves, but he didn't really make much of a difference in the end.

  4. Laffey would make a terrific Governor IF the job had any authority. It sounds facetious, but perhaps we should do away with the office. That way, the General Assembly would have only themselves to blame for this mess.


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