Speaker Murphy's Looking for More Rabbits in a Hat

Speaker Bill Murphy has indicated that he hopes there's another rabbit or two to pull out of the magical hat that has saved state government's finances several times before. The rabbit he's talking about here is more federal stimulus money. This guy just doesn't get it: the state has no future relying on one-time fixes to balance its budget. It just goes to show how loath politicians are when it comes to making the tough decisions needed. Murphy's no different.

Murphy has also indicated that one of those tough decisions off the table for now is moving state workers to a defined conribution pension plan. Anything other than getting unvested state workers into a 401k type plan is ruinous for the state.

Will these people ever step up to the plate?

1 comment:

  1. Sadly, I don't think either the pols or the voters will step up to the plate. It is human nature to pass the blame, and human nature to accept a "free lunch" and look the other way. I'm not sure what it will take to affect real change save for crushing new taxes from the state and the feds at the same time. When people see another 20% of their take-home pay stolen by the government, they might wake up and get rid of these idiots (locally and nationally).


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