RI Implications If Scott Brown Wins?

If Scott Brown does win the Bay State U.S. Senate seat might there be implications for RI elections come November, and in particular could loss of the Kennedy family seat in MA be a harbinger of serious trouble for Congressman Patrick Kennedy? There's a torrent of anti-incumbency out there right now, and it may be worse by the fall. Teabaggers and independents are looking to throw the bums out and that could mean that even safe seats (and Ted Kennedy's seat was considered extremely safe) might be vulnerable. Share your thoughts, please.

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  1. The election of Scott Brown is a wake up call to Rhode Islanders that are sick of the one party domination. Anything is possible when you are firm in your beliefs. If Brown can win in Mass I believe that Patrick Kennedy can loose in RI. The people of Rhode Island must take note of the indivduals running in novemeber, get involved and informed. Brown ran on issues, and did not revert to attack adds. The independants and republicans need to run for what they truly believe and what Rhode Islands want.


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