More Shenanigans at the RI Supreme Court

It may not rise to the level of the tawdry RI Supreme Court Fay-Smith scandal of the early 1990s, but the stuff we're learning about the Williams-DosReis scandal of today is bad enough. First, there was the embarrassing disclosures about "Chiefy's" strange relationship to the DosReis couple, prompting an assertion that, no, there hadn't been any hanky-panky with Deputy Sheriff and personal driver Pamela DosReis. And now comes the news that her relationship with the Chief Justice undoubtedly contributed to her collecting almost $127,000 in overtime pay during Williams' tenure as Chief Justice. That's right, almost $200k of taxpayers' money for overtime pay.

That's a scandal in itself. Of course, everyone should know that overtime pay is one of the largest bonanzas available to certain state employees - correctional officers in particular. And now we learn that deputy sheriffs are in the same boat to financial paradise.

Shouldn't somebody be investigating this?