Pick up the Phone, Governor

Mayors of some of RI's major cities have every right to be surprised and frustrated by getting hit with an almost total loss of state aid and not being briefed beforehand on the proposed cuts. Governor Carcieri's office was surpised too when details of the Governor's plans were somehow leaked or mistakenly sent out to local press prematurely. Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian first heard about the cuts when called by a reporter for comment.

One thing this Governor has not done a very good job of during his years in office has been dialogue and coordination with other parties to government. Whether it be the leadership of the General Asembly, local officials or even union leaders, all in turn have been caught flatfooted at various times by the Governor's lack of coordination and outreach.

Considering the size of the state and the close, almost incestous nature of politics here, this is really inexcusable.