What Were They Thinking at Kent Hospital?

You have to wonder what the folks at Kent County Hospital were thinking when they decided to go to trial in the Michael Woods negligence (death resulting) case. After all, they could have settled the suit brought against them by Hollywood actor James Woods, brother of the victim, in a quiet, out-of-court manner, as is customary in these types of cases, especially when you have shortcomings that will naturally be brought up in trial. Kent must have felt it would prevail before a jury, which, based on what we heard in court, was an amazingly risky presumption. Now their already less than stellar reputation in the public's mind has been seriously tarnished. Besides the undisclosed personal settlement to the son of Michael Woods, the community hospital now has to shell out $1.5 million over the next five years for the Michael J. Woods Institute - a watchdog entity that will remind everyone of their faulty emergency room care.

In light of the details that emerged in this case, as well as anything else you may have heard over the years about Kent Hospital, how willing would you be to be treated there? How willing would you be to have a loved one treated there?