Would You Be Willing to Pay $6 More a Year on Your Electric Bill for Wind Energy?

Deepwater LLC and National Grid are wrangling over an acceptable price for the utility's purchase of electricity derived from ocean wind turbines to be established off Block Island. The two are not there yet, but progress is being made. There's a rush on right now over which eastern seaboard state will get working turbines off its coast first, and RI has a good chance of being that state.

To get an agreement, National Grid may have to raise customer rates to accomodate the Deepwater contributions to the grid. Reports cite an increase per customer of between $6.00 and $8.00 dollars - a year.

Assuming that dollar range to be correct and to help make offshore wind energy a reality for RI, along with incubating an energy renewables business sector located at Quonset Point, would you be willing to pay the additional $6 - $8 a year?