Twin River a Real Casino?

House Speaker Bill Murphy has said it: He thinks Twin River's future lies in being upgraded to a full-blown casino. Voters statewide could decide that question next year with a ballot referendum question. If it gets on the ballot, there's a strtong chance that it will pass. And why not? The place is going to be sold eventually to a new gaming entity, and you can be sure whoever that turns out be will not want to take over just a slots parlor tied at .60 cents to the dollar to the state of RI. It's going to want the place to offer the full gamut of gaming options, and it
could be willing, as the economy recovers, to build a hotel on the site and make the place a full-blown destination casino. While the town of Lincoln might well object, a promised increase in the town take might make voters there less resistant. With Massachusetts eventually getting into gambling, it makes sense to upgrade Twin River before any Bay State casino or slot parlor can emerge. Murphy's statement confirms what I've come to believe for some time now: RI will have little choice but to allow its two exisiting slot parlors to become real casinos. That's the only way the state can preserve its own considerable stake in the revenue stream it depends on. What's your opinion on this?