Carcieri-Union Compromise Deal is a Practical Solution

RI state employee unions will be voting today on whether to accept the compromise deal worked out late last week with the Carcieri administration regarding furloughs and/or layoffs in an attempt to recoup some portion of the more than $60 million deficit the state is currently facing from last fiscal year. The tentative deal calls for no furloughs and layoffs; rather unionized state workers will take a pay cut by working some days going forward without pay with the option of recouping the lost salary at the time of retirement.

This would appear to be a practical solution because it's a better outcome than layoffs and it would keep state government running. With furloughs you have state government all but shutting down on designated days; in this situation you have government functioning but the workers wouldn't get paid on the "no pay" days.

Let's hope the rank and file don't surprise their leaders (again)by voting this down and provoking another confrontation and protracted court battle. We shall see.