Officer, Don't You Know Who I am?

Warwick police look bad in their prefential treatment for ossified federal prosecutor Gerry Sullivan over Thanksgiving weekend. On the one hand he confesses to having had "too much" and then pleads to be let off a DUI charge, letting them know he's an important inside guy. Now the department has egg on its face.

Do you think there's a separate standard of justice when it comes to the average Joe in this state and those with influence? It certainly would seem to be the case here.


  1. Absolutely there's a separate standard! The only reason the public knows anything about this instance is because either the Providence Journal got an inside tip on it or they scrutinized the police log and saw that something wasn't right. It's just coming over the wire now that Sullivan is being charged with a DUI. Good. He deserves it.

  2. Haven't you heard? Politicians are royalty. They make their own rules, get their own health care, enjoy their own retirement plans, and live in the world of "I know someone". The day of reckoning is coming for these jerks. Election Day! Can't wait!


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