Can RI Afford Her? And is She Worth $250k?

$250,000 a year for the proposed new EDC director, Ioanna Morfessis, a stranger to RI, with guaranteed employment for three years. Is this a good idea? On the one hand, yes, we need to attract top talent to this potentially important position. On the other hand, how much can any EDC director accomplish when she walks into a department that first needs revamping and a new direction? Also, how effective can any EDC director be minus significant tax and government reform - a legislative task.

The Senate will have to ok her employment conditions and approve her hiring. What do you think? Is she worth it? Can RI afford her?


  1. John,

    Rhode Island needs to do SOMETHING to promote a better business climate. I would feel better about her salary if the R.I.E.D.C. were combined with the Davisville-Quonset Point E.D.C. ......Do we need 2 Economic Development Corporations in R.I.?

  2. No, we cannot afford her. Gov. Carcieri seems to be intent on destroying the state before he packs up the executive office and leaves in January 2011. He reminds me of a vindictive foreclosed homeowner who destroys the place before he's evicted.

  3. It is one thing to appoint a director of EDC and another thing to give her/him the tools and authority to do the job and not only to attract business to the state but keep the business we have. Without the tools (tax incentives, training, and all of the other incentives offered by Mass., the Carolinas, etc.), it doesn't matter how much you pay the director,
    its not going to work


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