Will Kennedy's Criticism of the Catholic Church Hurt Him Politically?

I'm curious about what folks think about the Patrick Kennedy-Bishop Tobin controversy over health care reform and abortion funding, and whether folks think Kennedy will be hurt politically by it. I think the dust-up is going to get papered over but maybe not. The Bishop seemed to throw down the gauntlet the other day by asserting that Catholic politicians have no business being in the Church if they won't obey Church dictates. To my knowledge, there hasn't been a single Catholic politician who has been willing to defy the Church.

Kennedy has a lot of pious Catholics as constituents, so I wonder if the political calculus on his part at this point is to make peace behind closed doors and move on.

What do you think?


  1. The Church is way out of line and people are getting tired of it. They really act like bullies against Catholic politicians. We have a founding principle in this country regarding separation of church and state. But I agree with you, John, Patrick probably wishes he kept his mouth shut on this one.

  2. I looked and looked in the Constitution and couldn't find anything about a separation of church and state, only a reference to freedom of religion. Freedom means liberty or a state of being free to do something as opposed to confinement. Go read some federalist papers, get educated and quit towing the leftist liberal tag line.

  3. There is no such think as "Catholic by convinience" You either believe in all of the tenets of the Church or you don't at which point you should find another religion the suits your lifestyle. I think Patrick's numbers will be hurt. I don't think it will be enough to bounch him out of office, but its a start.

  4. That's the problem. You can't dissent. It's blind obedience to an organization that is very seriously flawed and really has no business questioning anyone's morality.

  5. I actually believe Kennedy's position will improve his chances for reelection. I am not a fan of Patches Kennedy, but have to agree with his stance on this one. Tobin and the rest of the Church hierarchy care more about unborn children than living people. Just look at their record.


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