Jim Hummel Report on PRO AM

Reporter Jim Hummel, formerly with WLNE ABC 6, has a new investigative effort under way at the WPRO AM website - www.630wpro.com. Go there and you can see his first video posting about a Woonsocket police officer who's been on inactive duty since 1996 because of hypertension and continues to collect $75k a year from the city. It's great stuff. The Hummel Report is sponsored by the Ocean State Policy Research Institute and yours truly.


  1. It is about time.The Providence Journal, RI Attorney general is not doing anything in this state regarding corruption . This state is a small Chicago.

  2. jim. why don't you hang out at providence county superior court some afternoon, between two and three
    a big yellow school bus pulls up to drop of the son of dana smith, the so-called security person at the court
    so he waits outside for his son, then takes him into courthouse until he is off work
    wouldn't it be great if we coud all have the judiciary be our day care?
    can you believe this? investigate please
    either smith's kid doesn't get after-school day care at the courthouse or we all get it


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