Obama Should Decline

If Obama was truly humble (and smart) he would respectfully decline the Nobel Peace Prize. What do you think?


  1. There is no harm or foul to the United States if the President accepts the Peace Prize. I think many others are more deserving but I respect the choice of the committee. The President should try to live up the ideals of the prize and disengage from the two fruitless and futile wars that we are involved in and promote peace worldwide.

  2. I agree with John that he should have declined it. It could come back to haunt him, and not just from Republicans and Obama haters. I wouldn't accept a prize I didn't think I deserved or might not live up to. Pride goeth before the fall.

  3. I would like to know what's in it for Him? He was nominated in February having only been President for 2 weeks. It makes no sense to me! I also agree with John that he should decline it, but his ego won't allow him to do that!!!!


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