Expose the Corruption!

Praise be to investigative journalists! Where would we be without them? If you've been following the Hummel Report (see the link on this page) you realize that what Jim Hummel is uncovering is probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to government corruption, waste and cronyism. The stuff is everywhere, at all levels of government.

Case in point: now that the ProJo's Mike Stanton has uncovered the Central Landfill employee fraud case and the political influence brought to bear on the RI Resource & Recovery Corp, the Attorney General's office has opened up an investigation. Without Stanton's reporting, this would never have seen the light of day.

Yes, it's not at the level of Operation Plunder Dome but rather just an unusual case of political cronyism. But the point to remember, as in the case of the squandered $75 million at the Central Landfill over the past decade, is that it's our money - taxpayers' money - being wasted or ill-used. Plus, all of this breeds a culture of corruption. The more exposure of such doings, the better.


  1. If Hummel jusy uncovered the tip of the iceberg,why has not projo , the attorney General and the current US attoney General found out about the massive corruption and crornyism in this state for the past 30 years.Projo is part of this corruption and cronyism . They have no investigating reporters.This state is a small Chicago with the unions and state want to protect workers, I don't beleve this state will ever change. The brillant school teachers who want to protect their pensions and health care benifits will continuel to vote the crooks in. The state workers who have better benifits then the private workers, will protect their benifits. I listened to the talk shows for 30 years and heard them talking about the problems in this state.Do you remember your father with the RED ALERTS. Spend a heck of lot of money and nothing happened. Do you think anyone will listen to you,maybe untill you move out of this state to Fall River. The Democrats don't care about talk radio, the lousy projo etc they keep getting in. People don't care while the older people keeping leaving the state. Listen to the elected officials they will not address the real problems in the state. Some even belong to the Unions... People are dumb they don't care and the same old people will get in again.o.

  2. We need a lot more Hummels and Stantons. And we need law enforcement that's just as aggressive. Right now, the elephant in the room is Patrick Lynch. It's clear to anyone who reads Stanton's article why the landfill fraud investigation was slow in getting started.

  3. By the way, here's the link to the article.



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