Don't Bind Us to Arbitration

If anyone thinks that binding arbitration would be good for any other constituencies than teachers, consider this: binding arbitration already exists for police and fire fighters in this state and we have the highest fire protection costs in the nation: RI devotes $6.24 to fire protection per $1,000 of personal income. The national average is $3.21 per $1,000. We spend more on fire costs (largely personnel costs) than we do on our highways or higher education. (Information reported in the Oct. 19-25th Providence Business News)

And since we have binding arbitration for fire fighters, why is the Providence firefighters union still without a contract?


  1. Well said John. Binding arbitration is another bad idea that we can't afford. Oh well.....

  2. I agree John. Another bad idea that R.I. taxpayers can not afford.

  3. Thank goodness that apparently they will not vote on arbitration, and how ridiculous is it that there are no rules for the general assembly which allows them to put in new bills without prior disclosure like this?

  4. Yes, it now appears that the binding arbitration bill has turned so toxic with the public that the leadership doesn't want to get near it during this rump session, especially with so many other pieces of legislation moving along like widgets on the General Assembly's production line. Let's not be deluded into thinking this bill won't be back at some point: labor, like rust, never sleeps!


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