The attached article is in regards to one of the most controversial topics swirling around the Obama administration, and the Democratic leadership in Washington. It is, in my opinion, worth discussion. There is little doubt that the Employee Free Choice Act, as some feel it has been so inappropriately misnamed, will come up for a vote before too long. Our four esteemed representatives in Washington are very much behind the issue. Would this be good for America, and for manufacturing?


  1. my thoughts are that you have no place discussing things you do not understand.

  2. One thing John Hazen White Jr. certainly knows about is manufacturing, and he has legitimate concerns over EFCA. The EFCA legislation is bad for what's left of U.S. manufacturing.

  3. maybe bad for manufacturing bosses.....

    PS. naming yourself after a Roman aristocrat and dictator doesn't make you smarter

  4. I believe that any act of government that deprives a citizen of the right to secret ballot is unconstitutional. The act is just plain wrong.

  5. Spyglass, you ignorance will not protect you. It is obvious you haven't read the bill. Let me see if I can sum up the change.

    Right now, if a majority of workers sing a petition, or union cards, the Boss has a choice: he can recognize the union, without a "secret ballot" election, or, he can require the Federal Government to conduict an election.

    All EFAC would do is give that choice to the workers. In stead of the Bosses being able to call for an election, it would be the choice of the workers.

    Do the workers get a chance to vote on whether or not the Boss gets to join the Chamber of Commerce? So why should the boss get a choice on whether or not the workers join a union?

  6. In so many ways I see the government grossly overstepping it's boundries. It makes me sick, most of all the so called patriot act grabbing at liberties and making it sound like a good safe idea. Who is afraid of a terrorist attack any day of the week? If you are that is just paranoia from watching the news for lack of a better word for those shows. Department of Homeland "gastapo"


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