Rhode Island Taxpayers Screwed Again!

Back to the Central Landfill scandal: The cost of mismanagement, wasteful spending and downright fraud is estimated to have cost Rhode Island taxpayers $75 million.
Not only is the money unrecoverable but criminal charges against top individuals associated with the RI Resource and Recovery Corporation can't be brought at this point! Why is that? I've read about a three-year statue of limitations, which itself is ridiculous when it comes to public corruption. Again, we have an Attorney General's office that seems to be asleep at the wheel. Rhode Islanders should be really mad over this. Instead we have a one-day news story. Where is the outrage?


  1. What do you expect, it's Johnston! The town, including the landfill, has been run for years as a private preserve for insiders. Thank god for Joe Polisena - he seems to be the only honest Johnston politician in recent memory.

  2. What would you know about running anything? didn't you get your company the old fashion way...inheritance?

  3. Vigilance, vetting and auditing are needed in any "quasi-governmental" corporations in R.I. Why do we need 2 Economic Development Corporations in this little state? Governor Carcieri should do a "BIG AUDIT" of everything from the Airport, Narragansett Bay Commission, Quonset Point-Davisville Economic Development Corporation, Rhode Island Development Corporation, the Lottery, R.I. EMA ...etc....you get the point. Parochialism is alive and well in the Ocean State. Thank God our motto is "Hope"!

  4. I agree with Quahaugger, everything should be watched and audited.
    Sorry to disappoint you, anonymous, but I didn't inherit this one. But I'm really glad you take the time to pay attention to this site! Your comments ( I guess you would probably think they are insults,) are enjoyed by many!! jw

  5. I thought the Governor conducted a 'Big Audit" during his first term in office!


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