Moving Day for the Homeless. Again.

Has anyone been following the plight of these unfortunate people as they are booted from one location to the next, over and over again?  Time and again, the so-called "compassionates" are telling us the shelters are filled to capacity.  What are these people supposed to do?  Evaporate?  There is so much empty office and residential space available that it is absurd to claim that nothing can be done.  Everyone who pushes the homeless around like this gets to go to their own home at night, have a hot supper, and climb into a warm bed.  I wonder how THEY sleep.


  1. If the state hadn't demolished its homeless facility at the Pastore Complex several years ago there would be more space available. That building was demolished to make way for the new state police headquarters which was never built. Since the state should have known it didn't have the money to go forward with the headquarters it should have spared the shelter. It's almost as if the state used the state police headquarters as an excuse to get rid of the shelter.

  2. There's always a reason behind the reason in this state.

  3. This is a national problem. There's a report on CNN.com today describing the extent of it and it mentions RI.


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