Medicaid Waiver Consultancy Monkey Business

The Carcieri Administration has gone down a predictable path in its second term in office of shying away from an open and responsive attitude to the press and public that it initially pledged and acted on. This can be seen especially in its limited and grudging disclosure to repeated press inquiries over the secret payment to a consulting firm that assisted in negotiations with the Bush administration over the Global Medicaid Waiver...
As reported in the Providence Journal, the Carcieri administration paid over $300,000 to a consulting firm for services rendered even though the firm's services were initially reported to be pro bono. Obviously they were not, as we now learn. There was no contract drawn up between the state and this firm, and there was apparently no paper trail established per state regulations for paying them. Now the administration is stonewalling on releasing more information on this matter to the ProJo. Attorney General Patrick Lynch's office is also getting involved now. Why the state would believe the firm was donating its services while the firm was sending along bills for time spent on the account requires more disclosure and is the public's right to know. Stonewalling the situation will only make matters worse as details keep leaking out. But I write about this because it's so typical of entrenched powers at all levels of government. The longer they are in power the more secretive they become, and what they originally found disagreeable about their predecessors when it came to secrecy and lack of transparency, they fall into doing themselves.


  1. is the only reason you have a platform because you are somebody's kid?

  2. I'd prefer to think that I do things like Lookout because, like my father before me, I have a strong desire to see Rhode Island become a better place. I've made a lifelong commitment to my state, both by living here and keeping my business here. I'm trying to get people to take notice, stand up and fix this place.

  3. John,

    Many thanks for a job well done on lookoutri.com. The sad fact is that we live in a city-state with way too many connections and ways of getting things done (wink-wink). We also have too many apathetic voters/nonvoters. I don't know what the answer is, but at least someone is willing to say "The emperor has no clothes!" Please ignore Mr. Anonymous and keep posting. Very refreshing!

  4. I don't blame the Governor at all. The office has no power; everything he tries to do is sidelined or bushwhacked by the General Assembly, and the state's judges are pro labor. He can't get anything done! I say BRAVO. Act now and apologize later!

  5. So I am right... you only have a platform because you are somebody's kid.

    When are you going to grow up?

  6. "the state's judges are pro labor."

    Oh my... you must be a talk radio fan.


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