Is Patrick Kennedy Vulnerable?

Tiverton Republican Representative John Loughlin has announced he'll be holding a town meeting on healthcare reform on Sept. 30th. Loughlin hasn't formally announced yet but he clearly intends to run against Patrick Kennedy in next year's election.
Loughlin's staging of a town hall meeting on the healthcare debate is an attempt to upstage Kennedy, who is the only RI member of Congress not to hold a public forum to date. Kennedy, for his part, had been understandably busy dealing with his father's passing. More recently, however, he's been spending most of his time memorializing his father's legacy and his just published memoirs. The Providence Journal in reporting on Loughlin's plans (Loughlin announces town hall meeting, 9-21-09) also reports that Kennedy will be spending time this week in Alabama, at a political fundraiser. The question Loughlin wants to raise is this: why is Kennedy not focused on his constituents?

Is Loughlin a serious threat to Kennedy for the First Congressional District seat in Congress? Is Kennedy vulnerable in 2010? What do you think?


  1. No......sorry to say, but Patrick has never been stronger. I am not a big fan, but his constituents love him. His father's death and the Kennedy legacy make him even more powerful than ever. A fact of life......simple as that.

  2. I agree. I don't believe any of his opponents in past elections have received even 10% of the vote. Loughlin will be lucky to crack the 10% ceiling. Of course, should Kennedy suffer more personal problems - not something most of us would wish on him - than the outlook could change. He needs to stay clean and on focus.

  3. When Patrick Kennedy expresses the view that the healthcare forums are potentially dangerous for politicians, he must mean himself. That's a pretty cowardly reason not to hold one.

  4. I am dismated and or appalled on the educational intlligence of the Rhode Island voter who can not rationalize the Democrat Congrssman Kennedy positon on a socialize healthcare plan. We all can agree that the Congressman himself who can not understand it. He would look like a fool if he had a town hall meeting trying to answer questions from his constituents who are knowledgable of this bill.Would he approve of illegal immigrants on this bill and or approve of illegal immigrants become legal to get on the Obama healthcare plan. Would he approve of all Federal,state and union workers on this plan including all thoes on pension plans. Do you think the US congress would approve this plan for their health care?? Are stupid to belive that

  5. With all due respect to John Hazen White Jr., I would like to quickly bring your readers up to speed on the past election results for the incumbent. Recognizing that it takes 50.000001% to win the election, and that is a formidable yet achievable goal, here is how past opponents faired. Note that none of them did just "10%"
    '08 - Scott 24.3%
    '06 - Scott 23.0%
    '04 - Rogers 35.9%
    '02 - Rogers 37%
    '00 - Cabral 33.3%
    '98 - Santa 27.6%
    '96 - Ciccione 28.4%
    '94 - Vigilante 45.9%

    This in the context of Brown University's poll which ranks the incumbent with a 40% approval rating (up 2% from the previous poll).

  6. We stand corrected and our thanks for the posting. Perhaps John Loughlin does stand a chance to pull off an upset come November 2010. A lot can happen by then. If you've been listening to Helen Glover's show this week you realize that there's a lot of anti-Patrick feeling out there.


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