Do They Care?

Coventry senator Leo Raptakis is asking for the full House and Senate to take up the budget crisis when it returns in late October for a special two-day session. He also wants action in consolidating local government and reducing burdensome state mandates. That's all good and desperatly needed but don't count on any of that being discussed then. Lawmakers will be too busy ramming through binding arbitration and continuance of dog racing at Twin River. They may or may not vote on making indoor prostitution illegal, not that it will mean anything to the skin trade. But discuss and debate any of the major issues confronting our state? I don't think so, Leo. This legislature will remain asleep at the wheel. I have serious doubts they will address these issues come January. You have to wonder: do they realize the seriousness of the situation and, if so, do they care?


  1. John, you forgot the name change for the state -another critical issue!

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  3. No, they don't care... because they're not being held accountable by their constituents... many (not all) have staked their political careers on the general apathy of the Rhode Island voter. Why take on any risk that problem solving may require when you can rely on inertia to get you through to that next election?


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