More Cuts to Cities & Towns

The Governor has just announced that he's cutting another $32.5 million from RI's municipalities, largely by withholding the automobile excise tax for the remainder of the year.
For many cities and towns, this latest decision means a loss of one to several million dollars. This is on top of the $$$$ already held back by the state for education. Cities and towns don't know how they are going to absorb these additional cuts in state revenue assistance.

The Governor says he has no choice and has previously criticized local governments for their inability to cut costs. Has he gone too far or are our cities and towns lagging in getting their financial houses in order?

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  1. I've looked at a lot of the employee contracts posted on OSPRI's website. Both state and town contracts still have longevity bonuses (as high as 20%) and those ridiculous steps. Not to mention pensions that make all of us in the real world very jealous.

    So, until the towns stop treating these public employees like royalty, I don't feel sorry for them losing this money.

  2. I think many cities and towns should take the Governor's lead. They should also have furlough days for its employees to save money.Also they need to streamline spending. Public schools in my town have too many custodians. When I went to school in the same schools there was 1 janitor. This is just 1 example. I'm sure if I (who is not involved in the school dept) can clearly see this one item I'm sure there are plenty more places to cut. It's time for govt to cut and streamline federal, State and LOCAL.

  3. For starters, government should cut government.

  4. We need to think outide of the box. As a former state employee, here are just a few suggestions.
    -Eliminate the Lieutenant Governor's Office. Why do we pay someone and their staff to run for Governor at our expense. What are the costs to the State for each ribbon that gets cut. Look at staff overhead.....security, transportation, policy director, secretaries. Change the Constitution to allow the Speaker, Seretary of State or even the Colonel of the State Police to run things for a while, until we can have an election.
    -While I'm at it. ONLY the Governor gets a paid "spokesperson". If you can't face the cameras in our little state and say what's on your mind, then you don't belong in office.
    -If an employee elects to decline health coverage under the state system, he/she is entitled to a lump sum payment at the end of the year....somewhere around 2K. This doesn't happen in private industry. Eliminate this payment. An employee either takes the coverage or they don't......that simple.
    -Take a close look at the state Marshals/Sheriffs Depts. I know this would be unpopular, but some consolidation would reap savings.
    -Take a look at the R.I. Municipal Police Academy and the R.I. State Police Academy. Consolidation may also be possible here.
    -Curtail/analyze spending on illegal immigrants. I have a heart, but enough is enough. With 12.7% unemployment, there are no jobs that Rhode Islanders "don't want".
    -Consolidate the R.I. Economic Development and the Quonset Point/Davisville Economic Development Corporations into one. Why two? In such a small state?

    More to come....thanks for reading!


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