Healthcare, Management concern

The attached letter from Sally McAndrew is interesting. The responses from Senator Whitehouse are very stock, and indicate what I am concerned is indicative of our government attempting to overcontrol, too quickly, things they don't really understand. The thoughts may be in the right direction, but I am so concerned about the attempt to rush everything through congress at lightening speed. It seems to me that the consequences of making bad decisions in such important areas will be far greater than taking the time to do things right. Thoughts??


  1. Haste makes waste. Congress should slow down and study this much more deeply. We've been without universal healthcare in this country for so long, what does a few more months mean?

  2. I fear that cure will be worse than the disease. What our government fails to recognize in their pursuit of more and more control of all aspects of our life is that there is no problem with the Health Care in the United States (in fact it is the best in the world), but there is a problem with how we pay for health care. Unfortunately, the proposals deal as much with the Health Care System as they do with payment. How about a simple solution - Health savings accounts for everyone (funded by the government for low-income and with pre-tax contributions for everyone else) coupled with a high deductible catastrophic insurance plan. This will introduce competition by forcing patients to pay for their day-to-day health care out of their HSA, and will leave the providers relatively unaffected.

  3. thanks for the input. I am glad people are taking the time to reply. John


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