Bridge work

Does anyone have any idea who is in charge of the Barrington/Warren Bridge project??? Should someone be held accountable for this ridiculous disaster?? Just a Friday thought.


  1. Yes, someone should be held responsible, but in RI, that never happens!

  2. Saw the ad in the Warwick Beacon and went to your site. Great stuff. Keep up the great work.

  3. My son and I traversed the Barrington Bridge the other day. I counted 16 workers on the bridge: 3 were actually pouring concrete into a form, the rest were standing around doing absolutely nothing. So it goes for 10 years now. In the end, the DOT's responsible - but try nailing them! Ha!

  4. Here's an e-mail link to the Director of Highway and Bridge Maintenance: cmurphy@dot.ri.gov
    Why not ask HIM who's responsible?


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